Since the Covid pandemic has started, we were all forced to go digital. Some companies have found their way, some not so much. But even the public services have proven that it is possible, showing the way how the digital future might look like.

However, in this digitalisation process, customer satisfaction has declined. As if, while changing processes into digital, companies have not considered what do customers actually want and how to fulfil their NEW needs, but rather focused on their existing processes.

This is substantiated with Qaltrics XM institute research that shows that overall NPS collapsed from 29.8 to 14.6 during this pandemic. Additionally, NPS dropped more than 30 points with the youngest age group. Now, reading this did surprise me! The group using mainly digital services is extremely unhappy!!!

What does this tell us? This is not the right way. This cannot stay as the appropriate approach after the pandemic. Customer MUST get back in focus.

To double check, try to remember your last digital experiences with different companies…Were you happy with their approach and did you get what you needed?

So, GO DIGITAL, by all means, but not for the sake of it! It has to serve the purpose of fulfilling customers´ needs or solving their problems and it should make them think WOW, what a service!