A Product Owner (PO) is one of the roles in Scrum.

We know that Scrum is a framework for developing complex products, using rather agile and flexible approach. 

The PO has the responsibility to bring the development to an end, being a bridge between stakeholders and development team.

Easier said than done! The PO has to resist the influence of the Management dropping in requests along the way, but also other different influences that do not align with specified goals. The PO has to make sure customers and other stakeholders have their say in the development process (let´s not forget – customers are frequently asked to give their input in Scrum, making sure the end product serves its purpose and has a market).

So, the role of the PO can be compared to a mediator of different parties having different interests, but with a final say on process and outcome. This means the PO should have quite a lot of competences, such as product vision, market expertize, communication and negotiation skills and authority.

As you see, the PO is a powerful and vital role in Scrum.

So, what DOES the PO really own? A responsibility to develop best possible product that will be used by customers, maximizing its value!

Quite a role, don´t you think?